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Wildlife at the Lake

We all see, from time to time, so many wild animals around the lake.


It's usual to see turtles (many are seen in the Polk Channel on a sunny day) in addition to deer, raccoons, and opossum. There have been regular reports of fox and the occasional coyote. Recently, we've seen minks, and now appear to have our own resident bald eagle.

A note about local turtles:
Everyone loves those cute little turtles we find in the lake – and particularly in the Polk Channel. Turtles and turtle eggs are hunted by many predators, but humans and raccoons are the most dangerous to them. Leave turtles in the wild – turtles are wildlife and all the kids can enjoy them the most in their natural habitat. As a matter of fact according to the MDNR, a number of species of turtles are protected in Michigan and for these it is against the law to "trap, take, possess any reptile or amphibian from the wild." Leave the turtle there.

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