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Our Mission

The Magician Lake Improvement Association Board is made up of a volunteer group with primarily the health and well-being of Magician Lake as its objective. The goal of the Association is to be proactive and initiate programs that support the health of the lake, safety on the water, and activities of interest to MLIA members and all lake residents.

The greatest threat to the lake was recognized in 2010 when the board determined that the lake had a developing serious problem with invasive weeds that could affect the future health of the lake, so MLIA:

  • Arranged for a professional lake management company to survey the lake, determine the locations of invasive weeds via entire lake GPS mapping, determined the extent of the problem, reviewed alternative solutions and put together a plan to address the problem.Arr

  • Along with the lake management company, interviewed potential companies which could approach the problem in various ways, selected the one to address the lake’s weed problem.

  • Conducted door to door discussions with lake residents to allow them to approve treatment via a petition to the township(s) and, upon approval, met with the township(s) to implement the plan.

  • Arranges for and accompanies an annual professional lake-mapping survey twice a year to monitor the status of any invasive weed problem.

  • Conducts various water monitoring tests weekly and monthly to determine our lake’s health – clarity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients (nitrogen & phosphorus), pH, alkalinity, hardness, and major ions such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and chloride, which allows tracking any adverse changes over time. Results are submitted to Michigan State University in East Lansing for analysis and compilation of a state-wide health of Michigan lakes report.

In addition to looking after the health of the lake, your board also:

  • Arranges for all members to receive the Riparian Magazine. Coordinates and offers information and articles regarding Magician Lake for inclusion in the magazine (such as the fall 2012 cover story). 

  • Attends regional and state-wide lake conferences to become aware of new issues affecting inland lakes, share information, and learn about potential legislation affecting lakes and waterfront properties. One of our board members is an officer in the state-wide Michigan Lakes and Streams Association.

  • Provides a newsletter three times a year to inform every one of lake issues – health of the lake, laws, actions they can take to protect the lake, current lake events, and local happenings.

  • Coordinates annual events such as the July 4th Boat Parade and the Polk Annual Picnic for the benefit of everyone on the lake.

  • Creates and manages our association website as a resource of information about the lake, the association, history, and region


Our Legacy

We are all building a lake legacy. The building blocks of this are many. They involve the health of the lake, which means the cleanliness, minimizing invasive weeds, the shoreline, the environment, the safety, and the fun. The fun helps make up the happy memories left behind. Your kids, grandkids, your spouse, friends, and parents will talk about these days on the lake forever because they are indelible. Remember when you were a kid – the happy memories that stick in your mind of fun with family and friends. I’m sure our kids and grandkids in particular will think of these days as though they existed for decades, even though it may be for a shorter time.

If you want to see what a Magician Lake legacy in the making looks like, this is it… She may for the rest of her life talk about fishing with Grandpa. Maybe it only happened for a week a year, but hopefully to the little person, it will seem like forever...

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