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Our Mission

The Magician Lake Improvement Association exists to provide an opportunity for collaboration and involvement for those who live on or near Magician Lake and we are supported by a volunteer board.  

We support our lake’s health and quality to the betterment of the environment/ecosystem and the people who enjoy the lake.  

We understand that there are many perspectives and sensibilities that shape our experiences and traditions; we try to balance our goals and positions in a way that respects the many voices of all who enjoy Magician Lake.  

Specifically, we are focused on water quality, invasive plant species control, lake level monitoring and communicating effectively with local and state governance. Our activities include outreach to law enforcement, conservation officers, watershed management, & and we send delegates to the annual Michigan Lakes and Streams conference to stay informed about developing issues among Michigan’s inland waters.  We also hold an annual meeting and support the Independence Day firework display.

Our Legacy

We are all building a lake legacy. The building blocks of this are many. They involve the health of the lake, which means the cleanliness, minimizing invasive weeds, the shoreline, the environment, the safety, and the fun. The fun helps make up the happy memories left behind. Your kids, grandkids, your spouse, friends, and parents will talk about these days on the lake forever because they are indelible. Remember when you were a kid – the happy memories that stick in your mind of fun with family and friends. I’m sure our kids and grandkids in particular will think of these days as though they existed for decades, even though it may be for a shorter time.

If you want to see what a Magician Lake legacy in the making looks like, this is it… She may for the rest of her life talk about fishing with Grandpa. Maybe it only happened for a week a year, but hopefully to the little person, it will seem like forever...

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