2020 Calendar of Events

2020 Magician Lake Firework Celebration

Magician Lake neighbors,

Last year was the inaugural fireworks show on our lake and it was a sight to see! Many of you shared how much you enjoyed them and hoped to see this become an annual event.


The MLIA Board planned to organize the fireworks again this year and we have run into a few challenges.  


COVID-19 has upended our worlds in many ways as we all know and the reality is that the fireworks show is approximately $15,000. This includes the fireworks, the permits and fireworks specialist (Also Known As: Pyrotechnician).  .


Last year we had a generous individual who donated almost half of the $15,000 and we were able to raise funds for the remaining cost through a Go Fund Me page. If you donated last year, please allow me to say thank you on behalf of the MLIA Board!!!


Our total stands at approximately $2000 based on funds left over from last year and initial 2020 fundraising efforts.  We still have $13,000 to raise.


Why are we posting about this now?


Well, we were also not able to confirm that we could obtain the proper permits before this time.  We have also been discussing this as a Board because we want to be mindful of people who may be out of work and facing financial challenges.


$13,000 is a sizeable amount of money that would need to come from all of us at a time when our friends and neighbors are struggling.


What do we need from you?


This is a call to action: we need to raise the funds by May 15 in order to move forward with the fireworks for this year.   You may wonder why the funds need to be raised so early and the reason is that we need the funds before purchasing the fireworks and securing the permits, barges, etc.


Please click here to donate to the Go Fund Me page.


You will see my name listed as a donor and I hope to see all of your names as well. This will take a village or a few generous donors to get us to our goal.


What else are we doing behind the scenes as a MLIA Board?


We are working with our fireworks specialist to secure permits as well as the fireworks themselves.  We spoke to the fireworks specialist this week and he is expecting to receive the fireworks by early June (if we order by May 15); however, he shared that we may run into issues since they come from overseas.  We share this so you know we still have hoops to jump through and we will work through that as a Board.


We will continue to update you on the progress with the funding and permits as we move forward.


Please know that we will need to all work together to raise the funds. If we are not able to raise the funds by May 15 then we would plan to utilize any secured donations for the fireworks in 2021.


“Lake life is the best life!”