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Newsletters and Notices

We want to keep everyone on Magician Lake safe and up-to-date on rules and regulations.

Check back here regularly for lake information and changes from local municipalities. 

March 9, 2020

The Magician Lake Weed Control Special Assessment District expired at the end of 2019. In order to assure there is still widespread support of the project, the Silver Creek Township Board is requiring petitions by owners representing 51% of the land mass in the proposed special assessment district.

Members of the Magician Lake Improvement Association and the public will be circulating petitions in the upcoming weeks and months. Petitions must be signed by all property owners in order to be counted toward the 51%. Petitions are due to the township by May 22. 

For more information, please contact Mick Braman at


We would like to thank our partners at Cass County Sheriff’s office, and Sister Lakes Fire Department, for their continued commitment and service to our Magician Lake Community.


Pictured left to right, Sheriff Richard Behnke, MLIA Board President Mick Braman, Trustee Todd Tirotta, Trustee Don Blackmond Sr., and Undersheriff, Clint Roach


Pictured left to right, Trustee Don Blackmond Sr, MLIA Board President Mick Braman, Sister Lakes Fire Chief Anthony Lozada, and Trustee Todd Tirotta.

NEW April, 2019

Police Department

Silver Creek Lake Residents:


We would like to welcome you back for another fun and relaxing summer in Silver Creek Township. We hope you have all had a great winter and are excited about getting back to the lake. As summer approaches, there are a few item’s we would like to bring to your attention.


  1. Thefts: Through-out the spring/summer/fall we have a rash of thefts around the lakes. Please be sure you don’t leave anything valuable in your cars overnight. Make sure you lock your vehicles too. This removes the opportunity for thieves to steal your belongings.

  2. Safety on the roads: Please remember to walk against traffic and ride bikes with traffic. This gives you and the drivers of other vehicles the best chance to see each other. Please make sure you and your guests are obeying the posted speed limits for the safety of all.

  3. Golf Carts: Under Michigan Traffic law, a golf cart (or any other unregistered vehicle) cannot be driven on a public roadway unless authorized by the local governmental unit and the county. It can be driven on private property and across the road to another property.

  4. Water Safety: Please be careful operating any kind of boat or PWC. Remember, boats and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. If you are interested in a boating safety class, contact the Cass County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol at 269-445-2481.

  5. Parking around the lakes: Please make sure when you and your guests park along the roadways, you leave enough room for emergency vehicles to pass. It delays their response if they have to stop and find another way to a fire or medical call.


Have a great safe summer and feel free to contact us at any time. Remember, if you are having any emergency, call 911.


Silver Creek Township Police Department

Michael Grice

Chief of Police

Phone (269) 424-3025 

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