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MLIA 2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

(July 2023)

MLIA Mission Statement: 

  • The Magician Lake Improvement Association exists to provide an opportunity for collaboration and involvement for those who live on or near Magician Lake and we are supported by a volunteer board.  


  • We support our lake’s health and quality to the betterment of the environment/ecosystem and the people who enjoy the lake. 


  • We understand that there are many perspectives and sensibilities that shape our experiences and traditions; we try to balance our goals and positions in a way that respects the many voices of all who enjoy Magician Lake.  


  • Specifically, we are focused on water quality, invasive plant species control, lake level monitoring and communicating effectively with local and state governance. Our activities include outreach to law enforcement, conservation officers, watershed management, & and we send delegates to the annual Michigan Lakes and Streams conference to stay informed about 2 developing issues among Michigan’s inland waters.  We also hold an annual meeting and support the Independence Day firework display.


  • Todd reiterated we are a volunteer board of people who love Magician Lake and have a heart to serve.  


Treasury Report:

General Fund $6,550.00, Keeler Weed Fund: $2,3030.97. He also asked if anyone had questions about membership, status or becoming a member to see him after the meeting.


List of Accomplishments: 


  • Selected Board Members attended the Lakes and Streams Meeting, continuing education program.  


  • Coordination and Distribution of the Riparian magazine for current members. 


  • Coordination of Fireworks, from promotion to fund raising, permitting, and scheduling.


  • Coordination of Annual MLIA Party, “Docktails and Cocktails” Our Vendors we use are local.  The purpose of our party is to get together and meet new people on our lake, and to support local businesses. 


  • Coordination of the Vessel Check. We were able to offer 2 this season. We had feedback that from 2022 that not everyone could make the 1 offered.  In turn we coordinated 2 for 2023.


  • With the donations we were able to raise $775.00 for the Sheriffs Marine Division. We support it through contributions to Sister Lakes Fire Department and the Cass County Sheriffs Department. 


Future Projects: 


Currently working with Township, County Road Commission in keeping the water shed culvert under Magician Lake Rd open from debris. This will allow us to manage water levels. In conjugation we are investigating the placement of a real time electronic water depth monitoring system in the water shed canal at the dam site. This allows us to address issues right away.  Later this year our goal is to submit blueprints to the drain commission to refurbish the old dam in the water shed outlet. Todd Tirotta is willing to install to cut costs. 

In the process of working with Joe Papzck on taking over the Keeler Weed Fund. We as a board will support him in this effort to help raise funds and manage future weed treatments for Keeler area. This will be voted on by the board at an upcoming meeting.


Working on compiling a email list to inform those not on Facebook or website Hoping to implement a better system to communicate and streamline information. 


We provided a form at the meeting for those who prefer email to fill the form out. 


Introduction of Speakers

10 Minutes allotted for each speaker. 

Richard Behnke, County Sheriff; Clint Roach, Marine Division; Anthony Lozada, Sister Lakes Fire Department; Jennifer Jones, Director of RLS Restorative Lake Sciences.


Sheriff Behnke:   Please lock up all cars etc. as we have had issues not necessarily on Magician but other sister lakes.  Reporting issues to us using your phone, by taking pictures or videos of those individuals doing  dangerous and illegal activities on and off the water.  · Cass County Sheriff Richard Behnke provided the county non-Emergency number: 269-445-1560 for reporting incidents of concern. Please Advise: remember to lock your cars, Other Lakes had issues with break-ins.   


Sherriff Clint Roach;· Sheriff Clint Roach from the Cass County Marine Patrol offered a reminder of the requirement and importance of the State Approved Boater Safety Courses. Classes can be found through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The in-person classes are preferred by the Marine Patrol.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Boating Safety Certificate.


Boaters born after June 30, 1996, and most personal watercraft operators who operate a vessel in Michigan must have a boater education card (boating safety certificate). There are a few different ways to earn your boating safety certificate:


Boating safety card classes


Classroom-based course:

  • Find a classroom-based boater safety education course.

  • You can enter your zip code to search for classes near you.



  • Take a boating safety class at

  • Take and pass the final exam.


Print out your permanent Michigan boating safety certificate once you have successfully completed the course and passed the exam.


Other options: The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and United States Power Squadron (also known as America's Boating Club) provide instruction to boaters at all levels (fundamental to 4 advanced courses). Some classes will give you the knowledge you need to obtain a boating safety certificate and may be fee based. a course. 


Anthony Lozada:  He addressed why the new fire station is not finished yet. Currently they are legally dealing with construction, specifically flooring, issues.  This is being resolved. 

Addressed the need for sonar equipment for the dive team. This equipment would be stored at the fire station and used for all the lakes as needed. They asked for our help to fundraise to get this equipment in conjunction with the other lakes. This equipment will save lives and is important to lifesaving events.


Jennifer Jones:   Magician Lake is in great shape. MLIA board member Nick Barnes was present at the last survey on the boat.  RLS weed application treated 5 acres of weeds on the lake, which is minimal.  Next survey is scheduled for August 15, 2023.   She will also investigate the channel treatment. We will make contact with those inquiring that have property in the channel.     



Geese issues:  Working on the best way to help with this problem. What are our legal options, and best way to control.   Do not put Geese feces in the lake.  It is not good for the lake.  Please advise.  


Chicken Farm:   Opposition: Why as a board are we not willing to take a stand on the issue?  MLIA board members took a vote at our monthly meeting to stay neutral. The  votes –6 to stay neutral, 1 opposed. MLIA stated we are not a governing organization, nor have any jurisdiction. We decided as a board to let the Township and State work out the situation. We as a board stand behind our mission statement. Back in forth continued and everyone was given the opportunity to state their concerns.  We all agreed everyone is entitled to their opinion and can show their opposition through other organizations and their efforts.  


Channel Weed Treatment. There was a time that those in channel treated the weeds themselves. Question was asked about this.  Jennifer addressed and  said she would look into the situation and get back with our board to see future action next spring.  

Wake Boards were brought up.  There are currently no regulations.  Please refer to DNR website.  We agreed with the latest water levels we hoped people would be respectful as properties are affected.  


Water Levels: We are fully aware of the situation as lake level issue on the lake. We were told by Cass Co Road Commission to not tamper with the culvert.  We are working towards a solution yet abiding by the law.  The CC 6 Rd Commission has the proper equipment to clear the area.  It is a safety issue as well.  


Todd Tirotta mentioned again that the purposed new system that the board is looking at implementing will help address these concerns for the future.   


Additional comments were made about the Chicken Farm and the safety of our lake and water.  People on both sides were able to share their concern and give information if anyone wanted to send a letter in concern.   


Those that are protesting are currently on the Sister Lakes Public Business page, for reference to the opposition.  We encourage everyone to do their own research.   


Todd Tirotta ended the meeting at approximately 10:30 am.   


********************* Please remember that we are a volunteer board and with note taking there was a lot covered.  We encourage those that missed the meeting to plan to come next year in person.

To read full meeting minutes. click HERE

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