Lake Water Level

The water level of Magician Lake is dictated by court order at 763 feet above sea level for the summer season, which is April 1st to September 30th.  There is a dam in the only stream outlet (Silver Creek) from the lake. Heavy snow during the winter, heavy rains, or drought will dictate what has to be changed (if anything) to the height of the dam to try to maintain water level. Fulfilling the court order, the dam is controlled by the office of the Cass County Water Resources Commissioner. The actual control of changing the dam as warranted in an effort to maintain the proper water level is handled by an individual deputized by the Commissioner. Lake water level records are maintained and noted below.

Spring 2017

The lake level for last summer season as of September 21st was a high of 7 inches above the court-ordered summer level, a low of 2-1/8 inches above this level, and an average of 4-1/4 inches over. Thus far this spring, we are at an extremely high level. During last winter, the level never dropped significantly. The major rise this year started in March, reaching over 7 inches above the summer level, due in part to heavy rains. In April, it was around 8-1/2 inches above the summer level. There is no restriction at the dam, so the flow is as good as allowed by the dam. 

Part of the problem seems to be beavers building dams downstream in the outlet creek. So far, two dams have been removed; one last year and another earlier this year. Also, two beavers have been trapped and removed this year. As of this writing (April 24, 2017), another dam has been found just south of the control dam. This is in the process of being removed. The Cass County Water Resources Commissioner, Bruce Campbell, is again arranging for a trapper to remove any beavers. Once they’ve been trapped, the trapper and any volunteers will work to remove this dam. Removing this dam will help lower the level, but it will take time to return to the summer level it should be at. To lower the level 7 inches at 500 acres, or the size of Magician Lake, takes removing 4,752,034,633 US Fluid Gallons. Our thanks to our association member Tom Miller for finding these dams and helping open and remove some of them.











Lake Depth

The following map outlines the depth (in feet) of Magician Lake.